Namib Sky Community Trust

Namib Sky Community Trust aims to uplift the lives of the people living and working in the Sossusvlei area through free primary education for children, garden projects to supplement the school’s nutrition project and a sewing project that offers local community members additional income opportunities by crafting curios.

In July 2012, Namib Sky Community Trust was recognized and registered by the government of Namibia as a “charitable trust for the purpose of community education and development”. (T273\2012)

kids watering garden
kids watering garden


It all started with three children in a little school room and as the impact on their lives grew, so did our passion for the overall well-being of our community. Soon enough, we knew we had to engage entire families to have a lasting effect in their lives and so the sewing project, green thumbs as well as the computer literacy center were born.


Everything we do here is for the community and it all started with seeing a need then choosing to act instead of looking away. Through our work here, a cycle of poverty is broken and families can dream of a better future for their children.

About Us

With tourism on the rise, the local community is rapidly growing and the need for education and other services are on the rise.

Namib Sky Community trust is focused on improving the lives of our beloved Sossusvlei community through education, economic empowerment, and sustainability.

Kids playing in desert
Kids playing in desert